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As part of National Principals Month, CASE is pleased to highlight a few of our outstanding principal members. As studies show, principal leadership is second only to strong instruction when it comes to impacting student achievement, so please join us this month in recognizing the hard work and dedication of principal-leaders from across the state. To learn more about National Principals Month, click here. As you're celebrating this month, remember to #ThankAPrincipal!


#ThankAPrincipal - Carrie Yantzer

  Carrie Yantzer is currently serving as the president of the Colorado Association of Secondary School Principals (CASSP), one of CASE's seven departments. She is also currently serving  the community of Nederland Middle / Senior High School in the Boulder Valley School District as their principal. Thank you, Carrie, for all that you do!  Join us in celebrating this incredible principal leader! #ThankAPrincipal

How long have you served in your current position, and how long have you worked in education?

I am excited to be in my first year in the Boulder Valley School District as a school principal, after having spent the last 23 years in the Delta County School District. I have been in education for 24 years and a school principal for 17 years;16 years in the same school!


What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

I strongly believe that every leader should possess passion. My PASSION is to love and educate every student everyday. This passion drives my purpose. I believe once my passion and purpose are in alignment a plan can be developed. I call it my 3 P's of leadership!


What books are you currently reading or have you recently finished?
I have to admit I am reading many books right now! I am reading Coherence (Fullen), Leaders of their Own Learning (Berger), Johnathon Livingston Seagull (Bach), and I frequently re-read chapters from Jim Collins and Todd Whitaker. All these books are great books to guide and refresh the mind!


What is your favorite destination in Colorado?
My school :) !!


What is your proudest moment or accomplishment as a school leader?
I would say my proudest moment is everyday. I truly believe that every day is another fantastic day in paradise. I believe there are awesome accomplishments daily, and I value each and every day I get to be in my school.

What do you see for the future of Colorado public education given the promising work and initiatives now underway?
I am excited for the direction of Colorado's education as we are at the forefront of making quality decisions for our kids in our state. I feel very comfortable in the leadership from our superintendents around the state. This group, along with our principals' group are leading many positive initiatives for school funding. As a state, I think it it is imperative we continue to monitor the direction of ESSA. In addition, the Colorado Finance Project has some outstanding data and suggestions that are very purposeful as we forge ahead for the future of Colorado public education. I strongly advocate for all administrators to be involved in this "work" and initiatives. Be informed and be involved!! As individual sticks we break easy as a bundle we are unbreakable!

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