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Breakout Sessions for 2017 Summer CASE Convention
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Click on a day to view the breakout schedule. You can sort by clicking on the column headers. Please note that session information is subject to change. A final schedule will be available in the Convention mobile app, which will be released closer to the event.

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# Session Title Time Session Description Contact Presenter Additional Presenters Room
1 Leveraging Bright Spots for Curiously Good School Improvement 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
Traditional approaches to school improvement often focus on fitting new policies and programs to existing school and district contexts. What would happen if we repositioned school improvement and innovation efforts from the inside-out, empowering teachers to study and apply research-based practices with increasingly greater sophistication, gaining a deeper understanding of their students and the importance of inquiry? In this session, participants will learn how to place student and teacher curiosity at the center of improvement strategies and actions, and how to leverage collaboration and “bright spots” to break through performance plateaus and take your school to the next level. Kristin Rouleau, Senior Director, McREL International Dale Lewis, Executive Director, McREL International BR Peak 17
2 Take Control of Your Inbox 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
Is your inbox flooded with emails? Do you stress about missing or losing important emails? If you are a busy administrator and overwhelmed with the number of emails, calls and texts that you receive daily, then this session is for you. Learn how to reduce the barrage of incoming communications and minimize the interruptions. The session will include actionable techniques for managing incoming emails, calls, and texts so that you can maximize your productivity and minimize your stress. For Microsoft Outlook users only. Brett Spodak, CEO, Productive Power Jason Glass, Superintendent, Jefferson County Public Schools BR Peaks 15 & 16
3 Increasing Rigor through Questioning & Depth of Knowledge Strategies 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
Depth of understanding, quality questioning, and how students apply what they’ve learned are related to intentional planning and rigorous instruction. Common core standards place high-level cognitive demands on students requiring them to reason, justify, synthesize, analyze and solve problems. In a time when access to resources is limited, questioning is a free and powerful strategy we can use to promote rigor in the classroom and higher-level thinking. Explore how to plan for asking the “right” questions, scaffold questioning so that students can reach higher levels of understanding, and practice using planning tools and strategies for engaging students in learning. Tonia Heffley, Resource Teacher, Gifted and Talented, Jefferson County Public Schools Blanche Kapushion, PhD, Educational Consultant, Global Education Enterprise BR Peak 14
4 School Finance Update 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
This session will provide a timely discussion on the 2017-18 School Finance Act approved by the Colorado Legislature and what this approval means for school districts. Implications for funding and all new requirements will be shared, along with updates on potential policy changes that may be on the horizon and any new financial requirements. Critical information on ongoing efforts will be addressed, including a post-implementation review of the financial transparency website developed by BrightBytes, planning for ESSA per-pupil expenditure, district- and school-level reporting, an update on the Facility Insight school assessment process, and other financial issues occurring at the district level. Jennifer Okes, Executive Director, CDE BR Peak 12
5 Beyond the Newsletter: The Power of Strategic Communications 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
Communication is the backbone of a community’s relationship with its schools and the district. But this seemingly simple concept has far-reaching impacts that can make or break your district or school initiatives. Come learn how to think strategically and gain tips on how to effectively communicate with staff, parents, and the community at large. Hear from three veteran school communications experts about how to shift your thinking from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Collaborate with peers on present-day issues and learn how to communicate with purpose. Danielle Clark, Executive Director of Communications, Poudre School District Christy McGee, Public Information Officer, Fountain Fort-Carson Schools

Devra Ashby, Public Information Officer, Colorado Springs School District 11
BR Peak 11
6 The Impact of Youth Suicides on Schools: Stories and Lessons Learned from a Community Healing from an Epidemic of Student Suicides 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
El Paso County has recently experienced a dramatic rise in the number of completed suicides by youth. In response, this community has gathered experts together to prevent this trend from continuing. This panel presentation will feature school and community leaders who are leading the efforts to help school communities heal from and respond to the youth suicide epidemic. Panelists representing the affected school district, the county’s coroner’s office, and Safe2Tell will share their stories, recovery, and resiliency in the aftermath of trauma. Resources will be presented on how to engage youth to prevent suicides. Susan Payne, Founding Executive Director of Safe2Tell, Director of Safe Schools, Colorado Department of Law, Office of the Attorney General Leon Kelley, Deputy Coroner, El Paso County

Susan Field, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services, Academy School District 20

Becky Allan, Executive Director for Learning Services, Academy School District 20

David King, Assistant Principal, Discovery Canyon, Academy School District 20
BR Peaks 9 & 10
7 Mentoring Teachers with Retired Educators: Randomized Trial Findings 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
In 2013, Aurora Public Schools partnered with a federal regional education laboratory to study impacts linked to the district’s innovative “Retired Mentors for New Teachers” program. The program uses recently retired, master educators to support new teachers. The lab study used the highest level of rigor, with a randomized controlled trial design, and included analyses of student and teacher impacts as well as cost and return on investment. This session will share the study’s findings, and district and retired mentor leaders will discuss program implementation and will engage the audience in a discussion of overall challenges and lessons learned. Dale DeCesare, CEO, APA Consulting and Researcher, REL Central Laurie Marcellin, Director of Teaching and Learning, Aurora Public Schools

Debbie Gerkin, Teacher Mentor and Retired Principal, Aurora Public Schools

Abby McClelland, Senior Associate, APA Consulting and Researcher, REL Central
BR Peaks 6-8
8 Creating School-Wide, Multi-Tiered Systems for Embedded Intervention 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
This presentation will provide the audience with tools and strategies for creating a school-wide, multi-tiered system of support embedded within a regular high school day. Focuses will include creating grade-level specific activities (SEL, Post Secondary Readiness); providing timely student interventions (academic and/or social-emotional); and promoting student leadership and involvement (student voice and inclusion). As the presenters conclude their fourth year of developing an effective advisory period, they will share their journey and explain how this implementation has benefited students and staff and has improved the culture and climate of their school. Insoon Olson, Principal, Northridge High School, Greeley School District Markee Swank, Assistant Principal, Northridge High School, Greeley Evans School District

Adam Kohn, Culture and Climate Coordinator, Northridge High School, Greeley Evans School District

Emily Wallin, English Teacher, Northridge High School, Greeley Evans School District

Lisa Johnson, Science Teacher, Northridge High School, Greeley Evans School District
BR Imperial Ballroom
9 Protecting Your District from 403b IRS Audits 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
Empowering your district and staff with information concerning their financial situation now, and in the future, is what Teacher’s Pension and Insurance Services is all about. In this session, we’ll explain how to protect your district from the ever-expanding IRS audits of 403b plans. Through our process of servicing districts, administrations and employees, we partner with districts to ensure that should an IRS audit ever happen, you will be prepared. Presenters will go over what the IRS looks for in audits, the biggest mistakes that districts make, and how you can make sure your district is ready should it ever happen to you. BR Coppertop III Ballroom
10 CDE School Performance Framework: A Study of Inequity? 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
An independent analysis of the CDE School Performance Framework provides strong evidence that the model employed by CDE has disproportionate negative impact on rural districts and/or schools, as well as districts and schools with high-poverty rates. While both state legislation and ESSA limit the flexibility afforded to CDE regarding accountability measures, several recommendations to improve equity and level the landscape will be shared with attendees. Robert Webb, Superintendent, Monte Vista School District Matt Nehring, Board President, Monte Vista School District BR Coppertop II Ballroom
11 Understanding the Shifts in the Revised State Model Evaluation Teacher Rubric 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
After sharing the revised State Model Teacher Evaluation Rubric around the state and conducting focus groups to collect feedback, CDE will be moving into a pilot of this revised teacher rubric during the 2017-18 school year. During this session, participants will learn about the revision process, the major shifts in expectation that have occurred in this revision, and how CDE will support the implementation of this pilot and possible statewide implementation moving forward. Participants will also think about future opportunities for revisions to the principal and Specialized Service Professional evaluation rubrics in order to build an aligned system of expectations. Courtney Cabrera, Manager, Educator Effectiveness, CDE Rachel Paul, Educator Effectiveness Regional Specialist, CDE

Curtis Garcia, Assistant Professor, Adams State University and CDE

Kevin Aten, Director of Innovation and Instructions, Estes Park School District

John Madden, Assistant Principal, Cherry Creek School District

Sed Keller, Director of Research, Evaluation and Assessment, Fountain Fort-Carson School District
BR Base 9 Lounge
12 Classroom Walkthroughs: A Leadership Journey in Three Schools 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
We all want to harness the power of teacher leadership and improve instruction through collaborative efforts in our schools. In this session, presenters will share their journey in building teacher leadership and improving instruction through classroom walk-throughs. Presenters of this session represent three different school structures: elementary, middle level, PK-8, and also have high school teaching and leadership experience. Following a brief interactive panel by these presenters, participants will engage in collaborative conversation about their current reality and determine the best-action-steps related to instructional leadership teams and classroom walk-throughs. Tracy Stegall, Principal, Aspen Creek PK-8 School, Boulder Valley School District Ginny Vidulich, Principal, Louisville Middle School, Boulder Valley School District

Erin Hinkle, Assistant Principal, Aspen Creek PK-8 School, Boulder Valley School District

Bryant Shaw, Assistant Principal, Aspen Creek PK-8 School, Boulder Valley School District

Brian Munoz, Assistant Principal, Louisville Middle School, Boulder Valley School District
DT Columbine A
13 Planning and Implementing Dramatic Change in a Small System 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
In this session, presenters will describe how a small K-12 school (less than 30 students) is re-visioning education for the students it serves. In response to contextual demands, the school has had to rethink how to meet the needs of all students with the limitations of staff and resources. Presenters will dive in to detail about how to leverage the improvement planning process and meeting expectations of the UIP with small numbers and not violating PII (personally identifiable information). Participants will leave with sample processes and resources for how to work through trend analysis, root causes, target setting and action planning in a small systems context. Erin Loften, Improvement Planning, CDE Mark Allen, Principal, Gateway K-12 School, Mesa County Valley School District DT Columbine C
14 Designing Education Transformation by Leveraging Educational Technology 10:30 AM -- 11:45 AM
75 minutes
Join presenters as they share designs for education transformation. As educators prepare learners for success in a changing world, it takes a systemic approach to make the necessary shifts. Educational leaders inspire changes within a district-level vision, instructional department collaboration, and targeted professional learning. Elements of designing education transformation include: ISTE Standards, digital citizenship, and digital age learning. This session will be a focused lesson, that will refresh participants on using digital tools to deepen student learning. Attendees will leave with concrete ways to measure success, including such resources as benchmarks, portfolios, and action research. Kim LeClaire, Director of Educational Technology, Poudre School District Kelly Sain, Director of Educational Technology, Boulder Valley School District BR Mt. Elbert A
15 Leveraging Technology to Drive Personalized Instruction to Effect Positive Outcomes 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
Lamar School District administrators will discuss how they’ve implemented K-12 blended learning for all students. These presenters will highlight the ways educators can leverage student data from powerful online learning solutions to pivot and adjust blended instruction to ensure long-term student success. These administrators have implemented a competency based learning model to drive personalized instruction, demonstrating growth for all students. This interactive session will showcase how innovative educators like those in Lamar School District are individualizing instruction and affecting change through actionable, data-driven decision making. Participants will learn and participate in best practices that they can employ across various grade levels and classroom environments to ensure continued student success. Karen DeSchryver, Education Specialist, Edmentum Allan Medina, Principal, Lamar High School

Aron Jones, Principal, Park View Elementary
DT Mt. Elbert B
16 Leading Learning for ELL Students 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
This session will give school leaders award-winning ideas for responding to the changing demographics of a district. Specific topics that will be covered include engaging parents, leveling the playing field, and providing innovative and effective professional development for staff members. Heidi Pace, Retired Superintendent, Summit School District DT Lupine
17 The Yin and Yang of Instructional Technology 10: 30 AM —11: 45 AM
75 minutes
Participants will learn about what can go right and wrong in a technology-rich learning environment, including recent research findings on using instructional technology. Scenarios will immerse participants in the four levels of SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition). This model supports and enables educators to design, develop, and infuse digital learning experiences that utilize technology. The conclusion will be a reflective assessment on one's own environment for learning with technology. Matt Kuhn, Director of Technology, Englewood Schools DT Paintbrush
19 Helping Colorado Students Succeed Using Official SAT Practice 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
Join us for a panel discussion with Colorado administrators who have helped their students succeed using Official SAT Practice through Khan Academy. This powerful resource is designed to provide all students with personalized SAT practice anytime, anywhere, for free. Hear how Colorado schools are using this tool to provide their students with a tailored SAT plan that provides interactive practice and instant feedback. Attendees will also learn about new features and upcoming enhancements to the Official SAT Practice resource. Stephen McCue, Associate Director, State and District Partnerhsips, College Board Aaron Lemon-Strauss, Executive Director, SAT Success Program, College Board BR Peak 17
20 Colorado Educational Accountability: The School and District Performance Frameworks 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
In this session, attendees will be provided with an overview of the Colorado Accountability System and the performance frameworks. Presenters will also provide an opportunity to review the District Performance Framework and School Performance Framework reports. Additionally, updates regarding the new federal education statute, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), and other state happenings regarding accountability will be shared. Attendees will leave the session with a more developed understanding of the Colorado Educational Accountability system. Dan Jorgensen, Accountability Support Manager, CDE Alyssa Pearson, Associate Commissioner, CDE

Jessica Knevals, Accountability and Policy Principal Consultant, CDE
BR Peaks 15 & 16
21 Student-Led Meetings Increase Overall Culture and Leadership 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
School culture in a slump and difficulties with discipline? Use daily school meetings to build a sense of belonging and community among students and staff. Improve your overall culture and social environment to increase student achievement. Student-led school meetings help celebrate students, reduce office referrals, and build leadership capacity among students and staff. In this session, learn about the preparation, planning, and data behind student-led school-wide meetings for 260 middle school students and staff. Kelly McCormick, Principal, Grand Valley Middle School, Garfield 16 Dana Speakman, Assistant Principal, Grand Valley Middle School, Garfield School District 16 BR Peak 14
22 Leadership Lessons: Effective Systems for Students with Autism 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
The number of students with autism and the dispute process related to students with autism continues to increase each year. As a result, every school administrator and director must have a basic toolkit for proactively partnering, planning and supporting this unique population. Join us for this interactive presentation where participants learn how to create effective systems for students with autism in an inclusive setting. Presenters will share real world experiences and stories to shape practical lessons for administrators. Each participant will leave with a toolkit of resources that they can adapt for their own use. Michelle Brenner, Director of Special Education for Instructional Development, Boulder Valley School District Tobey Bassoff, Ryan Elementary Principal, Boulder Valley School District

Kelly Miller, Behavior Specialist, Autism Consultant Team, Boulder Valley School District
BR Peak 12
23 Fostering Teacher Development Through International Collaboration in STEM 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
This session will highlight the partnership between the Teacher Education Department at Adams State University and the University of Siegen in Germany to provide graduate and post-graduate teachers opportunities to engage in research around international approaches to STEM instruction. Discover how teaching practices can be improved through international research and how educators in your school or district can take part in this experience. Stephanie Hensley, Assistant Professor, Adams State University Curtis Garcia, Assistant Professor, Adams State University

LaRee Bearss, Visiting Professor, Adams State University
BR Peak 11
24 Designing a Successful Negotiations Process 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
Are you seeking a solution to negotiating with your employee groups? Have you had tension and strife throughout negotiations? This interactive session will demonstrate problem-solving techniques that work. Attendees will experience shared-decision making and trust-building scenarios used throughout the negotiations process. The presenters will also share how District 6 has gone from years of conflict and mediation to a multi-year contract. This change in negotiations has resulted in community support for the school district and led to a district-wide culture shift. Annette Overton, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources, Greeley Evans School District Deirdre Pilch, Superintendent, Schools, Greeley Evans School District

Meggan Sponsler, Chief Finance Officer, Greeley Evans School District
BR Peaks 9 & 10
25 Using Video Coaching to Improve New Teacher Induction 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
St. Vrain has transformed new teacher induction by incorporating video coaching practices to accelerate the learning process for novice teachers. Video allows teachers to see themselves teach through their own eyes. This process allows novice teachers to reflect and improve upon their pedagogy, receive one-on-one coaching, and engage in collaborative professional dialogue. Once teachers adapt to video reflection, the practice becomes a self-directed routine that rapidly advances their ability to notice, inquire, collect evidence, and make changes in their instruction. Diane Lauer, Assistant Superintendent of Priority Programs & Academic Support, St. Vrain Valley School Distrct David Baker, Clinical Professor, St. Vrain Valley School District

Karen Smith, Professional Learning Coach, St. Vrain Valley School Distrct
BR Peaks 6-8
26 Visualizing the Road to College 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
College preparedness and success for students are key outcomes for any school district. In this session, the Cherry Creek School District will share locally-developed visualization tools that track high school graduates on the road to and through college. Blending local data with data from the National Student Clearinghouse and the USDOE’s College Scorecard database, the district will visually demonstrate how it incorporates geographical maps to track various measures of college enrollment including where students attend college, the types of colleges they attend,and the selectivity of various institutions. Additionally, graphics will be shared depicting degrees earned and comparison percentages of high school graduation versus college enrollment. Norman Altera, Director, Office of Assessment and Evaluation, Cherry Creek School District Stephanie Henry, Senior Assessment Data Analyst, Cherry Creek School District BR Imperial Ballroom
27 Impacting Educator Effectiveness by Building Professional Capital 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
Attendees of this session will learn how to plan for positive transformation within a system by facilitating focused learning conversations that inspire individual aspirations toward signature performance. Explore collaboration models that have amplified and accelerated educators’ professional growth resulting in student success. Learn how developing social capital within a system increases professional capital and expands sustainable leadership. Participants will create a collaborative framework that will increase their own capacity to impact professional effectiveness. Roberta Reed, District Instructional Coach, Cherry Creek School District Pam Yoder, Principal, Dennison Elementary School, Jefferson County School District BR Coppertop III Ballroom
28 Aligning Professional Learning with the Teacher Evaluation Rubric 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
In this session, Northwest BOCES will share how they have created meaningful learning experiences for educators using the Colorado Teacher Evaluation Rubric as a guide. Through data analysis, unpacking of teacher quality standards, and an understanding of best practices in professional learning, the SEED (System for Educator Effectiveness Development) team at Northwest BOCES has developed several powerful and replicable practices for designing high-quality professional learning. Participants will use the SEED methods and learn from the experiences of the SEED team to create an actionable plan for their own district or school. Julie Dalke, Professional Development Coordinator, Northwest BOCES Raylene Olinger, SEED Innovation Coach, Northwest BOCES

Maggie Bruski, SEED Innovation Coach, Northwest BOCES
BR Base 9 Lounge
29 Crisis Communications: Practical Tools for Dealing with Any Situation 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
Wildfires and floods. Staff misconduct. Student mental health. All of these issues have the capacity to turn your school or district upside down. Learn how to manage communications during a crisis dealing with the 24-hour news cycle, social media, data privacy, and concerned parents. A panel of school communications experts will share insights from different crises, giving tips for how to handle similar incidents and minimize media disruptions while maximizing community trust. Walk away with tips for how to effectively communicate during your next crisis. Christy McGee, Public Information Officer, Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8 Allison Cortez, Director of Communications, Academy School District 20

Danielle Clark, Executive Director of Communications, Poudre School District

Catherine Foster, Communications Specialist, Mesa County Valley School District
DT Mt. Elbert A
30 Tips for Highly Effective Interdependent Teams 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
District leaders benefit from characteristics of productive teams. Participants will share what works in their organizational teamwork, as well as discuss the challenges. This session aims to address the question, “How do you break down the silos between departments?” Together, presenters and attendees will generate solutions while also accessing great resources from Len Wilson, storyteller and strategist, as well as from the Kellogg School of Management for highly effective teams. Jinger Haberer, Assistant Superintendent of Student Achievement, Poudre School District Kim LeClaire, Director of Educational Technology, Poudre School District

Sheila Pottorff, Director of Postsecondary & Workforce Readiness, Poudre School District

Robert Beauchamp, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Poudre School District

Darcie Votipka, Director of Student Services, Poudre School District
DT Mt. Elbert B
31 Understanding Influences that Affect Latino/Hispanic Retention and Graduation 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
In this day of rising college tuition, reduced financial aid, and lack of employment opportunities, it is often difficult for individuals, especially minorities, to finish secondary or college education. In this workshop, participants will hear the story of a Latino/Hispanic family’s educational success, in which all seven Latino siblings earned college degrees. The workshop will also introduce participants to the variables for success, as well as the roadblocks and challenges that have hindered or stopped many Latino/Hispanics from obtaining a secondary or postsecondary education. Participants will learn more about home/school factors influencing Latino/Hispanic success, which include: demographics, family values, religion, income, incarceration and educational access. Tony Romero, Director, Graduate Teacher Education, Adams State University DT Lupine
32 Co-Teaching Programming for English Learners: From Exploration to Sustainability 1:45 PM —3:15 PM
90 minutes
This session will guide participants through the stages of implementation: Exploration and Adoption, Program Installation, Initial Implementation, Full Operation, Innovation, and Sustainability) as they apply to implementing co-teaching as a district-wide approach to meeting the needs of English Language Learners. Cherry Creek School District has implemented a co-teaching model to the level of sustainability and will provide detailed examples of their approach to accompany the stages of implementation. Presenters will provide resources for each of the stages including rubrics, walkthrough tools, staffing allocation methods, FAQs, job descriptions, asset-based language shifts, data analysis, and processes and procedures. Holly Porter, Director of Language Supports and Services, Cherry Creek School District LIsa Drangsholt, English Language Support Program Coordinator, Cherry Creek School District

Margaret Lucero, English Language Support Program Coordinator, Cherry Creek School District

Julie Ignacz, English Language Support Program Coordinator, Cherry Creek School District
DT Paintbrush


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