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Frequently Asked Questions
  The Community area is where you will interact with other CASE members. Within the Community, you will be able to message other members, join Groups, make Connections, view and send Referrals, and create or subscribe to Forums and Blogs. To access the Community, sign in to the CASE website and select Manage Profile.

The CASE website has its own online messaging system. You can send and receive messages to/from other CASE members and Groups of which you are a member. You can edit your Messaging settings in Preferences.  From the Manage Profile page, click on Messaging to navigate to the Message Center where you can view your Inbox and Sent Messages, Create a New Folder, or Message a Member or Connection.

There are several CASE Groups of which you may be a member. If you are a member of a CASE Department, a CASE Committee or the Board of Directors, you're a member of a Group. You will have access to the Group Member Directory, files, photos, calendars, Group Forum, Blogs and other features within the Group.  Within the Groups page, you may click on the wrench icon under Actions to display a menu of actions, including messaging, emailing, unsubscribing from newsletters, leaving a group, or managing a group.  Learn more about Groups in this How To.

Connections are similar to LinkedIn where you can create a circle of CASE members with whom you would like to share, email and network. Manage your connections by assigning them to categories, link quickly to their profiles by clicking on them, or remove them from your list by deleting them.  Making connections allows you to easily find and communicate with other members of the site.  You can edit your Connections settings in Preferences

View a list of members who have joined the website via your invitation. You will also be able to see any second and third degree referrals you may have.  From the Manage Profile page, click Referrals.  Click on the Refer a Friend icon on the My Referrals page. You can then use the online form to invite friends to join the website.  A link back to the website will be automatically included when you send the invitation via the form. Alternatively, you may copy and paste "your referral direct link" to send invitations using email, chat or another application.

Forum Settings
CASE Forums are a communication tool where you can ask industry related questions and share information. Forum discussions are archived and therefore a great resource to check when seeking information. CASE has several Forums on different industry topics and there are also Forums available within Groups of which you may be a member.  Learn more about subscribing to and managing your Forum settings in this How To.

Blog Subscriptions
If you are a member of a Group, you may be interested in participating in a Group Blog. You can manage your Blog preferences in this section, but you first must subscribe to the Blog within the Group.  From the Home page, click on the Groups link in the lower right corner of the page to navigate to your My Groups page.  Here you will see a list of groups to which you belong.  Click on the name of a Group to navigate to the Group's online community page.  You can then click on the Directory & Features link to display a menu of actions, including Blogs, or click on the 

Follow Others’ Blogs
If you would like to follow another member's blog or receive notifications on comments received on your own Blogs, you need to Subscribe to the Blog. Just select the Blog that you'd like to Subscribe to and click the  icon at the top of the Blog that says Subscribe. 

Once you are Subscribed, you can determine if you'd like to receive notifications on new comments and activity in the Blog. As a subscriber, you will receive email notification of any activity, including each new post. You may choose to be notified of new comments as well by clicking on the red conversation bubble in the options column. Conversely, clicking on a green conversation bubble will stop notifications generated by comments. Clicking on the red circle with an X on it will "unsubscribe” you from that blog altogether.

You can modify your Subscriptions to Blogs anytime by selecting the Manage Subscriptions link found at the top of your Blogs. You can easily Unsubscribe from a Blog at the top of the Blog as well.

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