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2016 Education Leadership Convention: Presenter Information
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2016 Presenter Information

The Call-to-Present is now closed as the application period has ended. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you at a future event.  

2016 Education Leadership Convention Call-to-Present | Additional Details | Breakout Session Scoring and Definitions  | Presentation Planning Guide | Independent Contractor Information | Application to Present 

Our events are driven by high-quality, professional and engaging presenters from schools, districts, education organizations and partners. This year, consider contributing your own experiences to the benefit of others' professional learning:

  • Connect with attendees from around the state that are decision-makers in their schools and districts.
  • Make new contacts and create name recognition for your organization, district, school, program or personal success. 
  • Engage with the highest level of experts in the field to enhance your own professional learning.
  • Be part of the excitement of the largest professional learning experience for school and district leaders in Colorado.

2016 Education Leadership Convention CALL-TO-PRESENT


Dear Presenter,

We are thrilled that you are considering presenting at the 47th annual Education Leadership Convention! Our breakout sessions provide opportunities for attendees to dive deep into a conversation or best practice that you choose to highlight, helping to shift their thinking and practice and helping them launch a successful school year. In fact, sessions often can make or break the attendee’s experience at our event – so it’s crucial that the sessions we offer are timely, engaging and meaningful.

Our call-to-present remains a competitive process: last year we received over 170 proposals for 70 available sessions. To that end, we have adjusted the review and approval process. The biggest change you will notice is that CASE has adopted the Learning Forward Professional Learning Standards as an additional piece of the scoring criteria. We will ask you to identify which standard your session addresses. If it’s more than one, we ask that you to choose the one it most closely aligns with.

It’s not uncommon to receive several proposals on similar topics and we regularly request presenters combine their sessions with others. You may prefer not to share your time with another presenter or group of presenters, and that’s understandable. However, please know that may mean that we are unable to select your session.

We’ll start to build-out an FAQ page for presenting at CASE, so please send me any questions you may have as you go through this process. I’ll be happy to provide an answer, as well as include your question on the FAQ page.

Below are important details about the 2016 Convention – but before we get to that, let me address the most commonly asked question. Many of you have asked before about our registration policy and why you need to register, even if you plan to attend only your session. What we’ve found is that it’s rare that presenters want to attend only their session,most plan to attend at least the day if not the entire event. Additionally, we’ve found that many presenters make last-minute decisions to stay beyond their session. With close to 250 presenters (3-5 per session), making exceptions to this policy is more than our small office can manage and so, we have kept in place the registration policy that asks all presenters to be registered for at least the day they are presenting. As a thank you for presenting, up to three presenters from your session are eligible to receive 50% off the registration rates and we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to participate in this premier professional learning and networking event!

Please let me know what other questions I can answer for you. I look forward to reading your proposal.


Ryan Harrison
Associate Director of Professional Learning
303.762.8762  |  rharrison@co-case.org


Additional Details


the 2016 Education leadership convention 

The Convention takes place July 25-29, 2016. Breakout sessions will be scheduled only on July 27-28, 2016.

Breckenridge, Colorado

Share your expertise and receive a discount on Convention registration. 



Timeline to Submit the Form:

The call-to-present is open March 1, 2016 through April 7, 2016. Due to the volume of proposals submitted, we are unable to accept any proposals beyond this time.

Presenters will be notified of the status of their proposal no later than May 18, 2016. Please do not call the CASE offices inquiring about your session prior to this date.

Length of Session:

Normal breakout sessions are 75 minutes in length. There are a few additional opportunities for extended length sessions, of 90 minutes and 2 hours. 

Registration Information:

All presenters must be registered for at least the day they are presenting.

Up to 3 presenters from each session are eligible to receive a 50% discount on their registration fees.

Registration information will accompany an acceptance announcement. Presenters who are not registered by the time early bird rates expire will be registered and invoiced by CASE staff. All fees, including cancellation fees, will be the responsibility of the presenter at the point of registration.

Submitting the form:

Please note that you are encouraged to review the form prior to submitting information, allowing you time to gather the necessary information required to complete it. The form does not allow you to save and return to it in more than one sitting.

The form does give you an opportunity to email yourself a copy of your own responses, which is highly recommended. 





Breakout session proposals are reviewed by CASE staff, the CASE Professional Learning Advisory Group and CASE department boards. Reviewers use the proposal scoring criteria below as the basis for scoring and selecting sessions for the Education Leadership Convention. Please note that the sessions for the Winter Leadership Conference are selected by CASE staff and are made on an invitation-only basis.


1. Department Relevancy: To what degree does your proposal meet the needs of our CASE departments? Please note that sessions are not scored based on how many departments would find the session relevant, but rather on the content and learning outcomes of the session and its application to department needs.

2. District and School Representation: Any exhibitor or sponsor applying to present is strongly encouraged to partner with a school or district leader. Vendor proposals are typically disqualified unless a clear partnership with a Colorado school or district leader is outlined.

3. CASE Vision: To what degree does the session proposal align with the mission of CASE to "empower Colorado education leaders to deliver on the promise of public education?"

4. New: The CASE Professional Learning Advisory Group elected in the fall of 2015 to adopt Learning Forward's professional learning standards. Presenters are encouraged to visit the Learning Forward website to learn more about the standards before completing the proposal form. The form will ask presenters to identify which of the standards the proposed session addresses.

5. Logistics: Often times, we receive several proposals focused on the same content area and need to limit the number of accepted sessions. In some instances, we will need to decline your proposal. In other cases, presenters may be invited to combine sessions. The proposal form allows you to accept or decline this option.


Presenters should identify which of the following formats will be used to present their breakout session.   
  CASE Study: A systematic way of examining a single instance, program, initiative or event by collecting data, analyzing information and reporting the results. The presenter explains how a program was designed and implemented in response to a particular challenge or issue then shares results, pitfalls, successes and lessons learned from the experience. The presenter provides examples of processes that participants can transfer to their projects to better serve their own communities.

Collaborative Dialogue: This conversational format encourages meaningful dialogue, purposeful and collaborative thinking, and positive inquiry. Sessions give participants the opportunity to ask direct questions of the expert, as well as the opportunity to give input on the specific issues addressed.

Demonstration: A presentation to demonstrate how things are done and showcase a specific teaching technique, leadership skill, product or material.  

Lecture with Interaction: Oral presentations intended to present information or teach participants about a particular subject. A lecture is generally one-way communication used to convey critical information, history, background and theories. Many lectures are visually engaging 

and give opportunity for listeners to ask or answer questions during the lecture and/or at the close of the session.

Panel Presentation or Symposium:
 A forum for a group of scholars, experts, knowledge leaders or government representatives to discuss specific pedagogical policy, practice or research issues from a variety of perspectives with alternative solutions. Moderator allows time for Q&A following the presentation.

Project-Based Workshop: A highly interactive and productive workshop to address pertinent issues and responsibilities affecting the everyday work life of CASE members. Participants leave with a game plan, solution, method and/or work already done.



CASE is looking for thoughtful, engaging and timely sessions for our attendees. For tips on developing an engaging and interactive breakout session, click here to download the CASE Presentation Planning Guide. Please click here to access a breakout session sample proposal. 



Thank you for expressing interest in being a breakout session presenter at an upcoming CASE event. Please note the following CASE policy regarding breakout session presenters:
All Conference and Convention breakout session presenters are identified as volunteer independent contractors.
The independent contractor understands that he/she:
  • Is not entitled to any workers’ compensation benefits in the event of injury.
  • Is obligated to pay all federal and state income tax on all money earned while performing services for the business, if applicable.
  • Is obligated to provide workers’ compensation insurance for all workers the he/she hires.

All presenters must affirm their understanding of and agreement to the above Independent Contractor statements for themselves and all of their co-presenters on the online presenter application forms. For additional information about presenting as an independent contractor, please contact CASE at case@co-case.org.



 The deadline for proposals to present at the 47th Annual CASE Convention closed on April 7, 2016. 


Please contact Ryan Harrison with questions or for additional information 

Ryan Harrison
Associate Director of Professional Learning
303.762.8762  |  rharrison@co-case.org

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