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Congratulations on reelection
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Dear [Representative/Senator X],

On behalf of the [district name/school name], I would like to congratulate you on your re-election. I look forward to continuing the work from last session of supporting and strengthening public education in Colorado. [Thank them for any help they provided previously]

Please continue to feel free to visit [any of the schools in our district/my school in district name] to see the positive educational and co-curricular activities taking place throughout the district. [Talk about the mission/initiatives in your district]

The [school district name/school name] serves as the center of the [school/district/regional] community. [[With [#] elementary, middle, and high schools,] we educate [#] students every year. Some of the many exciting successes in our [district/school] include:

  • [Include two to three anecdotes of successes in your district/school, such as improving test scores, admissions into top colleges, or athletic achievements – target to the specific legislator, if you know of his or her interests.]
  • [Second anecdote here…]

K-12 funding accounts for 38% of the state budget, and each year there are approximately 80 bills related to public education in Colorado. I hope to serve as a resource for you. Please call on me to hear a practitioner’s perspective on potential legislation as it crosses your desk. I would be honored and pleased to help. 

Public education is the backbone of our community, and the future of [community/town]’s workforce. Your support for our public schools will help keep [community/town] competitive and successful for years to come. Please email me at [your email] or call me at [your phone number] with any questions about [community/town]’s public school system.

Best wishes,

[Your name]


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