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Time: District check-in and set-up starts at 6:30 AM. Pre-screening for interview appointments will be held between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. Interviews will held from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Cost: $150 (includes up to two recruiters) and $25 for each additional recruiter (up to 10 additional recruiters)

A continental breakfast and lunch is provided for recruiters. Larger districts with seven or more recruiters may order an additional table.

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Denver Metro Teacher Job Fair pre-registration is NOW OPEN. Online registration will be available until March 20, 2020 but may close earlier if the maximum number of 400 candidates has been reached. There will be NO onsite registration accepted.

Please note: You do not have to be a member of CASE, or have a username or password in order to register. The cost to attend this fair is $20 or $30 to attend both the Southern and Denver Metro teacher job fairs, payable by credit card at the time of online registration. 

REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be given if you are unable to attend, except in the event that the host cancels (and does not reschedule) the fair. 

If you are coming from out of state, please pre-register in order to reserve a place. We often close Denver Metro registration early due to meeting our maximum number of candidates.

CASPA has hosted successful job fairs for teachers in the spring of each year. In response to recent changes in the hiring process of school districts, CASPA has adapted new practices to ensure a similar experience for candidates. 

The traditional style of job fairs typically starts with a two-hour, line-intensive session where candidates attempt to schedule as many face-to-face interviews with individual school districts as possible, for later in the day. This design works well for many school districts, and candidates should keep this process in mind as they search. Because of these uncertainties, many districts have moved from interviewing to more of a “meet and greet.” These “meet and greets” will be conducted throughout the day by some school districts. Each district will individually determine their format. 

What is a “meet and greet”? The “meet and greet” format is a brief conversation between candidates and districts. It allows recruiters to talk to as many candidates as possible throughout the day.  Don’t underestimate the power of a “meet and greet”!  Some of these first impression conversations may lead to interviews later in the year. 

Not all districts will be seeking candidates across all endorsement areas. Limited information about the district needs will be available prior to the event. Candidates are encouraged to make contacts with as many districts as possible, should openings in their endorsement area become available.

What Applicants Should Expect

The CASPA job fairs have a design that is very similar to many of the university job fairs. To maximize the experience for participants, we offer the following information:

Due to the nature of this job fair, Denver Metro districts will not be interviewing individuals seeking employment under Alternative Licensure or Teacher-In-Residence.

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What do I wear?
Dress professionally, but comfortably. You may be doing a lot of standing in lines. Give thought to your attire and the impression you are making.

Do I need to arrive before or around 8:00 AM?
Yes. School doors will be open at 7:00 AM for registered teacher candidates. Be prepared to spend the whole day at the job fair to maximize your interview schedule. 

What do I need to bring?
An adequate supply of resumes (at least 20, 1-2 pages in length) to share with your districts; portfolios are optional (some district may want to see them, most will not)

Will I have an opportunity to interview?
School districts will be interviewing until 5:00 PM. Opportunities to interview will depend on the district need for your licensure area(s), and the availability of times.

Who should attend the job fair?
All in-state and out-of-state licensed candidates, and student teachers who will be completing their education program in the spring of 2020 are welcome to attend the CASPA job fair. Denver Metro school districts will not be interviewing individuals seeking employment under Alternative Licensure or Teacher-In-Residence.

What about parking?
There will be ample parking on the school lot. Onsite logistics will be provided closer to the event.

Will there be food served?
Breakfast will not be served. However, lunch will be provided on Saturday at no cost. Tickets will be issued upon arrival. Please note to make sure to bring water with you.

Can I register onsite?
No onsite registration will be accepted.

What about cancelling due to weather?
Due to the time of year, cancellation or delayed start due to weather is possible. In the event that the Denver metro area is experiencing blizzard-like conditions, CASE will post an announcement on the CASE website and send out an email letting you know that the job fair has been cancelled or will have a delayed start.

Participating school districts will be added here as they register. Please check back periodically for an updated list. To learn more about Colorado districts, please click here or click on the district name to be directed to their website.