Secondary School Principals
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A primary purpose of education is to provide for the maximum development of children toward better and more effective citizenship in our democratic society, and the purpose of the Colorado Association of Secondary School Principals (CASSP) is to assist in meeting this responsibility through professional organization. To this end CASSP:

  • Provides a communication network among members in CASSP regions across the state; Provides an opportunity for cooperative study of the various problems common to the middle level/secondary schools of our state; Aids in the development of more effective policies and procedures tar the middle level/secondary schools in our state and serves as a center for interchange of ideas and information;
  • Strives to improve the status, legal and otherwise, of the middle level/secondary school principals of the state; Promotes the professional, economic and social welfare of its members; Cooperates with the other departments of the Colorado Association of School Executives; and
  • Functions as the Colorado arm affiliate of the National Association of Secondary School Principals.






Bobbie Skaggs
Colorado High School Principal
of the Year

Deana Pachelli
Colorado Middle Level Principal of the Year

Sara Linsacum
2019 Assistant Principal of the Year (Secondary)

To Be Announced!
2019 CASSP Distinguished Service Award