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The mission of CASE is to empower Colorado education leaders through advocacy, professional learning and networking to deliver on the promise of public education.

CASE will inspire visionary leadership for education by:
  • modeling the highest moral and ethical behavior
  • fostering a positive environment for high student achievement
  • providing personal and professional development
  • serving as a strong and influential voice for education leaders
  • facilitating communication among education leaders
The Association shall in every way possible provide for and promote the best interest of public education, its leadership and service to its members.

In addition to the privileges and service provided to its individual members, the Association may provide services to associated school systems and related agencies by contract or through institutional fees.

CASE Leadership
CASE is governed by a 24-member Coordinating Council. The Coordinating Council consists of three representatives from each of CASE's seven departments, as well as the CASE President, past President, and President-elect.

CASE History
Founded in 1969, CASE has a rich history of leadership. The association is a solid, effective, and viable organization that is valued by its members for high-quality professional development, advocacy for the profession and public education, legal assistance, and networking opportunities.

  • Department Awards
  • Leadership Awards

2253 S. Oneida St.
Denver, CO 80224

Phone: 303.762.8762
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