CASE Convention 51
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CASE Convention, Leadership Elevated 


Thank you for attending the 51st Annual CASE Summer Convention!

We were thrilled to have you join us on July 29-30, 2020 for our virtual 51st Annual CASE Convention: Redesign, Restart, Reconnect!

We’re pleased to offer you access to all Convention session recordings and presentations through Accelevents until August 29, 2020. Just use the same log-in information you used last week to join the Convention, and you’ll be taken to the event platform where you can easily navigate to view speaker presentations and breakout sessions.

Start here and click “Enter Event.” For detailed instructions, click on the button below.


If you attended the Convention and would like to claim 8 hours of recertification credit or graduate credit from Adams State University, please email Vanessa Babarsky at

This Convention was the first large scale virtual event that CASE has hosted, and we want your feedback about what worked and what areas we can improve! With the new normal created by COVID-19, it’s likely that virtual events will continue to be necessary to some degree and we want to be sure any remote learning opportunity is high quality and valuable to you.

Please take just a few minutes to fill out the attendee survey below to share your thoughts. Your input is important and will help us plan future CASE offerings. Be sure to include your name and contact information if you’d like to be entered into the prize drawing; that’s our way of thanking you for taking the time to give us your feedback!

CASE Convention Attendee Survey

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to CASE Director of Professional Learning and Operations Carrie Yantzer at

Keynote Speakers



Bill Daggett

Founder and Chairman, International Center for Leadership in Education

Dr. Bill Daggett, is recognized worldwide for his proven ability to move preK–12 education systems toward more rigorous and relevant skills and knowledge for all students. Dr. Daggett’s powerful keynote messages help his audience challenge assumptions about the purposes, benefits, and effectiveness of current practices. He inspires his listeners to embrace the greatest aspects of our education system and to make the necessary changed required to meet the needs of all learners.

His insights and leadership has been sought by nearly every major education association in the country, hundreds of school districts, numerous political and business leaders, publishers, and others to seek out his advice and guidance on systemic change.

He is the creator of the Rigor/Relevance Framework® and the Daggett System for Effective Instruction− the cornerstones of the work at the International Center for Leadership in Education. He is also the author of numerous books about learning and education, textbooks, research reports, and journal articles.

Before founding and now serving as Chairman of the International Center for Leadership in Education, Dr. Daggett was a teacher, local administrator, and a director with the New York State Education Department.

Dr. Daggett has a special commitment to individuals with disabilities. He and his wife, Bonnie, volunteer their time and lend their support to Wildwood Programs in upstate New York. Wildwood serves the needs of people of all ages who, like their daughter Audrey, have neurological impairments/learning disabilities or autism, by enabling them to become the best that they can be.



Joe Sanfelippo

Superintendent, Fall Creek School District - Fall Creek, WI

What I do: Help K-12 educators change the narrative of their school and district through Being Intentional, Opening Doors, and Building Momentum.

Being Intentional-It's not the thought that counts, it's action on the thought that counts. We help groups build a culture of storytellers with intentionality. Everyone's story has value...we help them realize it.

Open Doors-One of the biggest problems in schools is that people don't what we do. When they don't know what we do, they make up what we do largely based on what happened to them 25 years ago. We help schools enhance value for their staff and students so everyone is willing to help change that narrative through sharing their stories.

Building Momentum-Education can be a very isolating profession. Isolating situations lead to loneliness and that's when people start wondering if their work has meaning. Building momentum is about making sure everyone is willing to move the group forward through RECOGNIZING the incredible work happening around them, ACKNOWLEDGING to the person doing the work that it is amazing, and EXTENDING the conversation to someone who was not there to give the great work momentum.

Who I work with: K-12 School Districts, Superintendents, School Boards, School Principals, and Teacher Leadership Groups.



Distinguished Speakers

Frank DeAngelis
Retired Jeffco Principal, Author, Speaker
Dr. Darlene Sampson
Equity Specialist Coordinator
Western Educational Equity Assistance Center
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Laurie Silver
In Harmony Medidation and Mindfulness