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Colorado Association of Secondary School Principals

The Colorado Association of Secondary School Principals (CASSP)’s mission is to provide for the maximum development of children toward better and more effective citizenship in our democratic society and assist in meeting this responsibility through professional organization. CASSP will accomplish this by:

Providing a communication network among members in CASSP regions across the state.

Providing an opportunity for cooperative study of the various problems common to the middle level/secondary schools of our state.

Aiding in the development of more effective policies and procedures for the middle level/secondary schools in our state and serve as a center for interchange of ideas and information.

Striving to improve the status, legal and otherwise, of the middle level/secondary school principals of the state.

Promoting the professional, economic and social welfare of its members and cooperate with the other departments of the Colorado Association of School Executives.

Functioning as the Colorado arm affiliate of the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

2019-20 CASSP Board of Directors

Andy Hanks
President, Gunnison High School
Gunnison Watershed REIJ
Bill Dallas
President-elect, Fountain Middle School
Fountain 8
Deana Pachelli
Past President, Trinidad Middle School
Trinidad 1
Joy Werner
Secretary, Academic Recovery Center
Center 26 JT
Frank DeAngelis
Emertius, Jefferson County R-1
Eric Mandeville
Region 1 Director, Eagle Valley Middle School
Eagle County RE-50
Colleen Owens
Region 2a Director, Green Mountain High School
Jefferson County R-1
Moira Coogan
Region 2b Director, DCIS Montbello
Denver County 1
Lonnie Brungardt
Region 3 Director, Merino Jr/Sr High School
Buffalo RE4-J
Ryan West
CHSAA Rep, Englewood High School
Englewood 1
Delaine Hudson
Region 4 Director, Cedaredge Middle School
Delta County 50(J)
Tim McNerney
Region 5a Director, Hanover Jr./Sr. High School
Hanover 28
Eric Palmer
Region 5b Director, Ortega Middle School
Alamosa RE-11 J
Cindy Cowan
Region 6 Director, Rocky Ford Jr./Sr. High School
Rocky Ford R-2
Carol Moreno
Board Liasion
Carrie Yantzer
CASSP Board of Directors, CASE Director of Professional Learning and Operations
Patti Varney
CASE Staff Liasion, Administrative Assistant

CASSP Award Winners

2020 CASSP Board of Directors Meetings

March 27, 2020

9am to 4pm

April 24, 2020

7:30am to 11:30am

July 30, 2020
Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge

12pm to 1pm