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  The CASE website has its own online messaging system. You can send and receive messages to/from other CASE members and Groups of which you are a member. You can edit your Messaging settings in Preferences.  After you sign into the website, click on Messages on the Home page to navigate to the Message Center where you can view your Inbox and Sent Messages, Create a New Folder, or Message a Member or Connection.

Click on "Quick Jump To..." to display a menu of actions.  You can move to the Message Center Home page, Inbox, Sent Messages, or My Preferences where you can customize your member profile messaging options.  You may choose to receive an email when you have unread messages older than 30 days in your inbox and receive an email when new messages arrive in your inbox.  Checking the box next to a specific preferences turns the preference "on" and unchecking the box turns the preference "off."

Here you may also unsubscribe from newsletters by unchecking the "subscribe" box next to the name of the newsletter.  You will not receive any emailed newsletters to which you have subscribed until you re-enable that newsletter type.

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