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Frequently Asked Questions

  When you sign in to the CASE website, you will land on the Home page. Click on the Profile Home link where you will see your Feeds, Wall, Bio and Photo, should you choose to upload one.

Below is information about each of these components. Those that require additional instructions will ha
ve information located in other How To pages.

Click on the  icon to access your Photos, Blogs, Files and Linksand Favorites. It is located at the top of your Profile Home page.

Photo – you can upload your photo by clicking on the Photo box and selecting Add Photo.  This will take you to the page MY PROFILE - UPLOAD HEADSHOT PHOTO where you can click on Choose File and browse to a photo saved on your device.  The file you upload must be an RGB image in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format.  Click on Submit to complete the process.

 – If you create yo
ur own Pages, you will see a link at the top of your Profile Home page that will provide you with a drop down list of your pages.

Feeds – Similar to feeds on Facebook, feeds allow you to post and view continually streaming updates from your Groups and Connections you make within the community.

Wall – Again, similar to Facebook, you or others can write on or post to your Wall. 

Bio – Your Bio is essentially the information you provided on your member application or during membership renewal. This section shows the information you’ve chosen to share with other members when they search your name in the Member Directory.  You may update this information by clicking on the [EDIT] button at the right side of the page across from each heading.

On the left side of the 
Profile Home page is a list of Groups to which you may belong, with links to each Group's online community. This online resource allows you to communicate and collaborate with others in the Group. You can view other Group members by clicking on the Directory link on that Group's page. In addition, a full list of Group events and meetings is available by clicking on the Calendar link on that Group's page.


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