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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
  How do I change my password?
  • Once signed in, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Manage Profile from the My Profile box
  • Select the Edit Bio option; you will be asked to enter the default password again for verification purposes
  • On the Edit My Member Profile page you can change your password and update your profile.

If you have forgotten your user name or password, please go to https://co-case.site-ym.com/general/email_pass.asp to reset.

What is my Bio and how do I edit it?

Your Bio is located in the Manage Profile area, under Information and Settings.  Your Bio contains the information about yourself that you entered in your original CASE Membership Application process or have recently updated during your Membership Renewal process.  Much of your Bio information is available to be seen in the Member Directory, but you have the ability to control just how much of it is visible to the public and to other CASE members.

What are Preferences and how do I manage them?

You can manage your Preferences in the Preferences section of the Manage Profile area under Information and Settings.  This is where you'll determine what types of notifications and emails you'll receive for various types of events or processes.

What are Forums and how do I use them?

CASE Forums are a communication tool to ask industry related questions and share information. Forum discussions are archived and therefore a great resource to check when seeking information. CASE has several Forums on different industry topics and there are also Forums available within Groups of which you may be a member.  You can access the CASE Forums from the Members Only section, then selecting Resources and Forums.  

If you are a member of a Group (for example CASE Departments, CASE Committees or Staff are Groups) you may also join Group Forums, which are open and accessible only to members of the Group.

What is the CASE Community and how do I participate?

The Community area is where you will interact with other CASE members. Within the Community, you will be able to message other members, join Groups, make Connections, view and send Referrals, and create or subscribe to Forums and Blogs. To access the Community, sign in to the CASE website and select Manage Profile.

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